EffectiveNY Previews Push for Landmark New York “Equality for All Amendment” with New Ad

Release of 60-Second Online Ad Corresponds to Equal Pay Day

Right now, women, LGBT people and the disabled do not have equal rights in New York State’s Constitution, but EffectiveNY is aiming to bring that injustice to an end by passing an “Equality for All Amendment” in Albany.

In the coming months, EffectiveNY, a nonprofit good government group, will undertake a robust campaign to bring attention to the inequities in New York’s Constitution and to make the case that New York needs to pass the first inclusive “Equality for All Amendment” in the nation, so that women, LGBT people, and the disabled finally are afforded equal rights in the state’s bedrock document. Today EffectiveNY released a 60-second ad entitled “Shocking” that begins this public awareness effort.

The ad’s release correlates to today being Equal Pay Day, which designates how far into the year a woman has to work to make the same amount a man was paid for doing the same job the previous year.

In “Shocking”, regular New Yorkers express surprise at discovering that women, LGBT people and the disabled do not have equal rights in New York’s Constitution and call for that injustice to end through the passage of an “Equality for All Amendment”.

In light of the failure of the federal Equal Rights Amendment in 1982, 11 states passed ERAs in their own constitutions, but New York was not one of them. No state has explicitly granted equal rights to LGBT people or the disabled. EffectiveNY’s inclusive “Equality for All” amendment would grant equal rights to all New Yorkers without exception, which would make New York’s equal rights protections the strongest of any state in the nation.

“At this critical moment when civil rights are under attack by the federal government, it is imperative that New York step up and be a leader for the nation in equal rights,” said Heidi Sieck, the chief operating officer of and a national leader in the fight for women’s rights. “Passing an Equality for All amendment to New York State’s Constitution isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s an absolute necessity in this day and age. I strongly believe that when New Yorkers realize that well over 51 percent of us don’t have equal rights, we will rise up and demand an immediate end to this injustice.”

“EffectiveNY is committed to ending the dysfunction in Albany and making New York’s Constitution and our state government a proud model for the rest of the nation to follow,” said EffectiveNY’s founder Bill Samuels. “It is shocking and appalling that New York’s Constitution does not grant women, LGBT people and the disabled equal rights. The time for our state to pass an Equality for All amendment is now.”

Link to “Shocking” ad:

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