October 25, 2015

 Guest: New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli

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DiNapoli calls for SEC to require corporations to disclose their political giving:

DiNapoli: “What I’d really like to see though is the SEC to make this an industry-wide standard because if the New York pension fund and the other institutional investors that have the same opinion have been doing this company by company—there are thousands of these corporations that we’re invested in and it’s going to take many years to achieve that—but I’m hoping that the SEC, and they haven’t yet, would do this as an industry-wide requirement, that we’d all have the benefit of seeing just where this corporate money is going. I also hope that at some point, you know, that whether it’s constitutional action by Congress or whoever or maybe the [Supreme] Court looks at it again, they really need to undo Citizens United. It’s a very negative court decision and the corporate spending is something that we’re going to be very alarmed when we the amounts of it going into the presidential race and the congressional races next year.”

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On why New York must take action on the retirement security crisis as three other states have already done:

DiNapoli: “My view has been this should be a national issue, but given the mess in Washington and no immediate relief in sight, it’s not been happening. Senator Harkin was strong voice when he was in the Senate for us to have a national program and I hope presidential candidates talk about it.”

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DiNapoli calls for a renewed push for campaign finance reform:

DiNapoli: “I’m very disappointed that we haven’t seen more of a real push for this change to be implemented. I did an op-ed recently that got some nice feedback, but you don’t get the sense that there’s a renewed movement in Albany to have this kind of reform. You know, we’re a year away from the next legislative races and three years away from the statewide races. There’s plenty of time to put the right system in place with enough advance notice. There needs to be more pressure and urgency put on the Legislature and the Governor to in fact adopt this reform.”

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On his decision to stop the state’s investment in for-profit prisons:

DiNapoli: “We’ve been reviewing our holdings in the area for a period of time. It’s been an item of discussion in the past and I think you’re right to credit Randy Credico because he put out a strong reminder that this is an issue that not just our fund, but that all funds should look at. In New York State we don’t allow private prisons or prisons for-profit and, obviously, there’s a whole national discussion now about what is going on with the level of incarceration. One would like to think that you have investments that are making money for other purposes other than people being incarcerated.”

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On the need for more young people to be engaged in the political process:

DiNapoli to Samuels: “You said something very important that doesn’t come up enough in these discussions. We need more young people involved in the political process and they often feel very intimidated by that specter of having to raise large sums of money, especially if someone is not personally wealthy. That’s the lifeblood of our democracy, having the next generation of leadership come forward.”

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