Bill Samuels to Governor Cuomo: Return All the Campaign $$$ Glenwood Management Has Given You!

Top Reform Leader Calls on Cuomo to Lead by Example: Return the More $1 Million in Campaign Contributions from Scandal-Scarred Glenwood Management, and Admit it Was a Mistake to Shut Down the Moreland Commission So Early Last Year

New York, NY – Bill Samuels, a top reform leader and founder of EffectiveNY, today called on Governor Cuomo to lead by example and return more $1 million donated to his campaign by Glenwood Management, a real-estate firm reportedly named in the federal complaint this week against State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.

“I shouldn’t have to call on the Governor to return this tainted money. If he were truly committed to ethics reform and cleaning up Albany, Cuomo would have immediately returned these funds to Glenwood Management and expressed outrage over this latest corruption scandal unfolding on his watch,” Samuels said.

“This embarrassing failure of leadership from the Governor shows that he is more committed to maintaining the status quo than to restoring dignity to state government and transforming Albany for the better. It was a huge mistake for Cuomo to shut down the Moreland Commission so quickly, and he should acknowledge on the record that he was wrong to do it. Now more than ever, we need a new, truly independent Moreland Commission, not one controlled by Cuomo, to scrutinize Albany lawmakers and what is happening in the capitol,” Samuels said.

“If Cuomo wants to regain credibility and avoid suspicion about his ties to Glenwood, he has to return the funds right away. If he doesn’t, it will be fair to ask: What is the Governor Hiding?,” Samuels said.

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